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Should You Watch This?: Puppet Master II (spoilers)

Should You Watch This?: Puppet Master II (spoilers)

The Movie Checklist - Should You Watch This? (Spoilers)

Did you ever wonder if you could trust those rating sites on their reviews of movies? I mean all those strangers can’t know if you’re gonna like a movie! Leave it to just one stranger... me. I’m gonna tell you whether or not you should watch movies (there will be spoilers). Let’s go.

Movie name: Puppet Master II: His Unholy Creations

Year: 1990


Genre: Horror

Main character(s): You got the main lineup of puppets plus Torch who’s just ok. There’s also some humans, but like you came for the puppets, no?

Notable cast members: I don’t care to look beyond the puppets. I’m not sorry.

One line-ish plot summary: Second verse same as the first with a new puppet except this time André Toulon (The Puppet Master) is evil.

Best character: The little Jinn puppet from the flashback, I feel bad for him.

Worst character: I don’t like this iteration of Toulon, I liked him better in the first movie.

Best moment: Toulon’s reveal of the human sized vessels he has created for him and the reincarnation of his wife. It appears he made them out of paper mache and he put a lot of focus on making the teeth and eyes butt ugly.

Worst moment: Torch BBQed a bad ass little boy. 

Plot twists?: The man masquerading as the invisible man was actually Toulon’s reanimated corpse, but that was only a shock to the characters in the movie.

How was the ending?: Confusing. A lady did inhabit the woman human sized puppet and she drives away with the puppets in a gaudy van. I don’t know who this woman is and why she is a human sized puppet now and I doubt these questions will be answered, nigh even addressed, in future installations of the series so… *kanye shrug* 

Sequels/prequels?: lol, yes

Is this a good movie?: Meh

Why did Kayla watch this movie?: I watched this one in particular to go along with the podcast I was listening to: Werewolf Ambulance episode 165 - Puppet Master 2

Does Kayla like this movie?: Meh

Should you watch this movie?: I mean if you’re bored and working your way through Hulu’s b-list (d-list?) horror fare.

Why you should watch this movie: I’m not gonna force you.

Where you can watch this movie (as of this posting): Hulu

Extra advice: Watching the first movie isn’t a pre req

Favorite screenshot: 

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