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Should You Watch This? mother! (spoilers)

Should You Watch This? mother! (spoilers)

The Movie Checklist - Should You Watch This? (Spoilers)

Did you ever wonder if you could trust those rating sites on their reviews of movies? I mean all those strangers can’t know if you’re gonna like a movie! Leave it to just one stranger... me. I’m gonna tell you whether or not you should watch movies (there will be spoilers). Let’s go.

Movie name: mother!

Year: 2017


Genre: psychological horror 

Main character(s): Mother and Him. There’s also Man and Woman.

Notable cast members: Jennifer Lawrence as Mother, Javier Bardem as Him, Ed Harris as Man, Michelle Pfeiffer as Woman, Domhnall and Brian Gleeson as Man and Woman’s sons and Kristin Wiig shows up in the final third of the film.

One line-ish plot summary: You think it’s one thing, but in the end it’s something else that you’re not quite sure what it is.

Best character: Mother. Poor mother.

Worst character: Him. 

Best moment: When Mother has her baby. She’s so happy.

Worst moment: Him’s treatment of Mother through the film.

Plot twists?: Oh boy. The whole film is a plot twist I would say.

How was the ending?: I liked it. It showed the cyclical nature of Him’s actions. The house presumably burns down every time because of Him’s negligence and arrogance and he doesn’t learn. He just gets a new woman to be Mother to serve as his inspiration.

Sequels/prequels?: lol no

Is this a good movie?: I would say it’s thought provoking and experimental. Maybe not “good” but definitely interesting in a good way.

Why did Kayla watch this movie?: I kept hearing people say how terrible and disgusting it was and I thought “It can’t be that bad”. 

Does Kayla like this movie?: I can see how people would viscerally dislike this movie for even think it’s boring but I did enjoy it once I got to the end. It was a lot to get through since as a viewer you have expectations about how a plot functions and it circumvents a lot of that. It’s only when you get to the end that you understand what’s going on. Except with Mother drinking whatever powder that was. I still don’t get that. Was it pieces of the house? Was it paint? Was it magic dust? Who knows.

Should you watch this movie?: Maybe. If you are ok with biblical allegory, experimental story telling, second hand embarrassment, and disturbing situations, then maybe. 

Why you should watch this movie: Because it is definitely a departure from typical films (that I watch at least). It really made me think about the nature of relationships both romantic and platonic and how we interact within them and how we see others and ourselves.

Where you can watch this movie (as of this posting): Amazon Video and Hulu

Extra advice: Expect nothing. Just watch what’s happening.

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