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Should You Watch This?: Child's Play 2 (spoilers)

Should You Watch This?: Child's Play 2 (spoilers)

The Movie Checklist - Should You Watch This?

Did you ever wonder if you could trust those rating sites on their reviews of movies? I mean all those strangers can’t know if you’re gonna like a movie! Leave it to just one stranger... me. I’m gonna tell you whether or not you should watch movies (there will be spoilers). Let’s go.

Movie name: Child’s Play 2

Year: 1990


Genre: Horror

Main character(s): Andy, Chucky, Kyle, and the foster parents

Notable cast members: The foster dad was Beef in phantom of the paradise, and the foster mother was the nurse in American Werewolf in London

One line-ish plot summary: The Chuck is back, this time in a new doll body, but he still has it in for Andy Barclay who’s now in a foster home since his mom’s been thrown in the loony bin. 

Best character: Kyle, she’s a cool teen.

Worst character: The foster parents are pretty negligent. 

Best moment: Chucky gets his head ‘asploded. Nice.

Worst moment: The foster parents not going through their house to remove all Good Guys related paraphernalia knowing they’re taking in a child from a highly publicized case involving a Good Guy doll… negligent. 

Plot twists?: Not really. 

How was the ending?: Head exploding. Literally.

Sequels/prequels?: Do you even have to ask?

Is this a good movie?: It’s entertaining. I’m too invested to see good or bad.

Why did Kayla watch this movie?: Nostalgia and I love when Chucky gets his comeuppance for tormenting me as a child. 

Does Kayla like this movie?: Yes

Should you watch this movie?: If you like killer doll movies.

Why you should watch this movie: The scenes in the factory are really awesome and Chucky gets his head exploded and stabs a knife into his hand stump so he can have a knife hand and doesn’t pass out from pain or blood loss. Who knew being a doll gives you super blood clotting abilities and pain tolerance? 

Where you can watch this movie (as of this posting): Look in the $5 bin at your local Walmart.

Extra advice: The internet calls this an alternative ending, but this is the one I always recall seeing when watching the movie on TV, but right before the credits there is a creepy eyeless doll head that smiles. Avoid if you don’t wanna get the shivers.

Favorite screenshot: Chucky aka Chunky’s bloated head. lol Fat head Chunky.


childs play 2 blow up.png
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