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Should You Watch This?: Get Out (spoilers)

Should You Watch This?: Get Out (spoilers)

The Movie Checklist - Should You Watch This?

Did you ever wonder if you could trust those rating sites on their reviews of movies? I mean all those strangers can’t know if you’re gonna like a movie! Leave it to just one stranger... me. I’m gonna tell you whether or not you should watch movies (there will be spoilers). Let’s go.

Movie name: Get Out

Year: 2017


Genre: Horror

Main character(s): Chris, his friend Rod, Chris' girlfriend Rose and her Family

Notable cast members: Several. The guy who plays Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) was in an episode of Black Mirror (Fifteen Million Merits), the guy  who wanted to see the Merman from Cabin in the Woods (Bradley Whitford), the stapler guy from Office Space (Stephen Root), and the brother from The Last Exorcism (Caleb Landry Jones)

One line-ish plot summary: A Black American man goes to visit his white girlfriend’s family for the first time and shit gets real.

Best character: The main guy Chris, but his friend Rod is a close second.

Worst character: Rose. GTFOH girl.

Best moment: When Rod shows up at the end to save Chris.

Worst moment: When Chris hits Rose’s brother in the head with what appears to be a botche ball, but doesn’t make sure he’s dead leading to trouble for Chris later on.

Plot twists?: YES! Rose’s family literally puts white people into black bodies. W.T.F!

How was the ending?: It was good. Chris killed the family and got away.

Sequels/prequels?: None as of yet, but I can see this becoming part of an expanded film universe. Maybe like a feature length version of Black Mirror.

Is this a good movie?: Yup!

Why did Kayla watch this movie?: I love horror movies and I especially love good horror movies. When the reviews came out for this film they were overwhelmingly favorable, so I took my ass to my nearest 5 star theatre. 

Does Kayla like this movie?: Yes.

Should you watch this movie?: Of course.

Why you should watch this movie: It brings a fresh flavor to horror and it has believable black characters and a black main character who survives the whole film!

Where you can watch this movie (as of this posting): Check your favorite paid streaming service.

Favorite gif:

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