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Should You Watch This?: Child’s Play (spoilers)

Should You Watch This?: Child’s Play (spoilers)

The Movie Checklist - Should You Watch This?

Did you ever wonder if you could trust those rating sites on their reviews of movies? I mean all those strangers can’t know if you’re gonna like a movie! Leave it to just one stranger... me. I’m gonna tell you whether or not you should watch movies (there may be spoilers). For all the detailed spoilery goodness check out my detailed reviews. Let’s go.

Movie name: Child's Play

Year: 1988


Genre: Horror

Main character(s): The lovable scamp Charles Lee Ray, Andy Barclay, Andy’s Mom, and Detective Norris

Notable cast members: Andy’s mom, Catherine Hicks was in the best Star Trek Movie (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and 7th Heaven), Andy’s mom’s friend was in the 1970s Grease film as the *ahem* “mature” pink lady Marty,  Chris Sarandon AKA Prince Humperdinck from the Princess Bride, and of course everyone’s favorite pair of big blue eyes Brad Dourif.

Plot summary: Serial killer Charles Lee Ray transfers his soul into the bodyof a creepy talking doll. 6 year old Andy's mom buys the doll for him for his birthday and caos ensues as "Chucky" continues his murdering spree and tries to transfer his soul into Andy's body. Andy, his mom, and Detective Norris team up to kill the doll and spawn numerous sequels.

Best character: Chucky's voodoo master. He tried to turn his life around, but got got in the end. :'(

Worst character: The detective who doesn't believe our heros about the killer doll until the last 2 minutes of the movie. Jerk.

Best moment: Andy's one liner near the end as he burns Chucky in the fireplace

this is the end friend.gif

Worst moment: When the psychiatrist at the institution they take Andy to tries to electroshock therapy him. I know it was the 80s, but come on guy. Not cool. This isn't Return to Oz.

Plot twists?: The doll being alive could be considered a plot twist if you had never heard of this movie before watching it.

How was the ending?: Sweet

Sequels/prequels?: Tons

Is this a good movie?: Yep

Why did Kayla watch this movie?: I first watched this when I was around 4 years old and was scared shitless. I continued watching it over the years in an attempt to overcome my fear (which I did after about 15 years). Now I watch it because it is great and nostalgic.

Does Kayla like this movie?: Indubitably

Should you watch this movie?: Of course, but not if you're a child

Why you should watch this movie: It's iconic and scared me for about 12 years. I want you to feel my pain.

Where you can watch this movie (as of this posting): You can find it on the interwebs, or the cheap dvd rack at your local Target (probably).

Extra advice: If you get scared, pretend his name is "Chunky". It turns watching into a hilarious experience.

Favorite screenshot: Well it’s when Andy slaps that lump of tasty, tasty Country Crock™ margarine on the burnt toast he made for his mom, but when I was searching google for a better quality screen grab than the one I took I found an adorable picture of a baby dressed as Prince…so the baby wins. (duh)

prince baby.jpg
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